Investment Philosophy


*  Long Term View:  by focusing in long term results, we find it easier to ride out short term volatility.  Investing is a Marathon, not a sprint; Time is an ally.


*  Absolut Returns:  our goal is to achieve stable returns, not to outperform benchmarks year by year.  We believe in the power of compounding returns as a way to accumulate wealth.


*  Investment Discipline:  we establish clear goals and make decisions based on previously structured strategies.


*  Best Execution:  we have access to the most advanced trading platforms and levarage our long standing relationships with most major financial institutions, which helps us to achieve better results for our clients.


*  Global Vision:  we take advantage of our experience investing globaly and the relationships we have mantained for over two decades with many international participants, particularly in Emerging Markets.


*  Diversification:  we believe all portfolios should be invested in multiple asset classes across sectors and regions.  We balance our portfolios periodically to target the proper mix.


*  Tactical Approach:  we try to take advantage of market inefficiencies that are present from time to time;  asset value misconceptions are opportunities.


*  Liquidity:  we invest in assets that are actively traded and/or those that are marketed by multiple participants.  Liquidity Risk is one that has been widely overlooked during the past financial crisis.